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A vegetarian whose diet includes eggs.

o′vo-veg′e·tar′i·an adj.
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An ovovegetarian includes eggs as the only source of animal protein.
Technically speaking, vegetarians eat no flesh; yet there are further categories such as lacto-vegetarians, ovovegetarians, or lacto-ovo-vegetarians (who will eat animal products like milk and eggs, respectively), pescetarians (who will eat fish), vegans--dietary vegans eat no animals or animal derivatives, but rely on animals' bodies in their commodities; ethical vegans refrain from using any animal product, and may even avoid medical services that involve animal testing (Wrye 2007: 49) -, fruitarians (who will eat nothing, plants included, that implies killing organisms)--sociodemographic research shows all of them to be mostly younger women, predominantly white, working in middle-class professions.
Lacto- ovovegetarians - the largest group among vegetarians, according to the American Dietetic Association - allow themselves dairy products and eggs, but not meats.