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 (ŏk′sə-lĭs, ŏk-săl′ĭs)
Any of numerous plants of the genus Oxalis, having cloverlike compound leaves usually with three leaflets and five-petaled, variously colored flowers. Also called sorrel, wood sorrel.

[Latin oxalis, wood sorrel, from Greek, from oxus, sour; see ak- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈɒksəlɪs; ɒkˈsælɪs)
(Plants) any plant of the genus Oxalis, having clover-like leaves which contain oxalic acid and white, pink, red, or yellow flowers: family Oxalidaceae. See also wood sorrel
[C18: via Latin from Greek: sorrel, sour wine, from oxus acid, sharp]

wood′ sor`rel

any woodland plant of the genus Oxalis, of the family Oxalidaceae, having three heart-shaped leaflets and variously colored flowers.
[1515–25; translation of French sorrel de bois]
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Noun1.oxalis - any plant or flower of the genus Oxalisoxalis - any plant or flower of the genus Oxalis
herb, herbaceous plant - a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
genus Oxalis - type genus of the Oxalidaceae; large genus of plants having leaves that resemble clover and variously colored flowers usually clustered in umbels
common wood sorrel, cuckoo bread, Oxalis acetosella, shamrock - Eurasian plant with heart-shaped trifoliate leaves and white purple-veined flowers
Bermuda buttercup, English-weed, Oxalis cernua, Oxalis pes-caprae - South African bulbous wood sorrel with showy yellow flowers
creeping oxalis, creeping wood sorrel, Oxalis corniculata - creeping much-branched mat-forming weed; cosmopolitan
goat's foot, goatsfoot, Oxalis caprina - short-stemmed South African plant with bluish flowers
Oxalis violacea, violet wood sorrel - perennial herb of eastern North America with palmately compound leaves and usually rose-purple flowers
oca, Oxalis crenata, Oxalis tuberosa, oka - South American wood sorrel cultivated for its edible tubers


[ɒkˈsælɪs] nossalide f
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combining our profound knowledge of digital network systems with the expertise in explosion protection of Oxalis Group Ltd.
3 miles in, the abundant oxalis showed off beautiful white blooms.
Habitat indicates the place where the species grow without direct cultivation by humans Taxa Sal RankSal F Oxalis acetosella L.
Hi Mr Snell, Oxalis is a difficult weed to control.
In addition, the purchase of the new equipment will enable the Oxalis Group to extend its product range resulting in an increase in employee numbers as the group looks to increase turnover by nearly half.
Abadabo", Galinsoga parviflora; "Yeberae-chew", Oxalis spp.
Plants or plant parts belonging to this category were Asteracantha longifolia, Alternanthera sessilis, Centella asiatica, Enydra fluctuans, Chenopodium album, Dryopteris filix-mas, Lathyrus sativus, Tamarindus indica (leaves only, fruits are edible and consumed regularly), Glinus oppositifolius, Oxalis corniculata, Bacopa monnieri, and Cissus trifoliata.
Bioactive alkyl phenols and embelin from Oxalis erythrorhiza.
I pointed dramatically at the circular ring of droppings, then the diggings nearby, where the birds had been excavating topsoil with their huge, clawed feet, looking for oxalis bulbs.
The Mallorcan oxalis was a huge variety with electric-yellow blossoms, and fat, juicy stems which Uschi suggested I chew on.