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(ˈɒksˌblʌd) or

oxblood red

(Colours) of a dark reddish-brown colour



a deep, dull red color.


[ˈɒksblʌd] ADJde color rojo oscuro
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The stunner rounded off her look with an oxblood lip colour and pink smokey eyes.
I normally opt for a plum like Burberry Oxblood and then blot it with a tissue after application.
LOOKING stunning in an oxblood one-shoulder Valli gown, Gwyneth Paltrow sweeps into her engagement party, amid rumours she has in fact secretly tied the knot.
Ebuka's oxblood suit for April 7, 2018, was styled by celebrity designer, Mai Atafo.
Whatever the reason, it's very good news, because the shops are now full of the ravishing hue, from oxblood to tomato, in everything from shoes to suits.
Roksanda went for oxblood and crimson, at Prada it was pure scarlet, while Victoria Beckham and Molly Goddard plumped for brightest tomato.
They are available in four colours, including this oxblood red, priced PS240, add on PS40 for a webbing shoulder strap, cambridgesatchel.com
oxblood!) and finishes (pair high-shine liquid lipstick + matte powder blush + creamy eye shadow).
The large-scale works featured in his 2013 "oxblood" show at Kerlin Gallery, or in his 2014 "Tonic for Choice" at the Approach in London, projected a more miasmic, unsettled sense of space and more fluidly unstable internal structures.
The signature stripes, characteristic of British education and Oxbridge colleges, are printed across fluid silk twills and crisp knits, in old-school, collegiate scarf colours: oxblood, navy and racing green, with brilliant shots of peregrine-beak yellow.
COLOR Choose a rich color palette balanced with neutrals, such as oxblood red, black and navy paired with cream and gray.