oxblood red

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ox·blood red

A dark or deep red to medium reddish brown.
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Noun1.oxblood red - a dark brownish-red color
dark red - a red color that reflects little light
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They are available in four colours, including this oxblood red, priced PS240, add on PS40 for a webbing shoulder strap, cambridgesatchel.
Made in Russia, these cups, bowls and teapots are identifiable by their colour--typically oxblood red or sky blue--and their English-looking rose motifs.
COLOR Choose a rich color palette balanced with neutrals, such as oxblood red, black and navy paired with cream and gray.
Clever geometric kantha embroidery added an edge to the ensembles that covered shades like midnight blue, moss green, brown, white and oxblood red.
In contrast, the men in those new red, oxblood red and gold jerseys were guilty of conceding a stream of turnovers, either through bad presentation, a lack of numbers or a lack of physicality.
From the delicate, refined celadon to the warmly glowing peach bloom, and the bold Chinese oxblood red and tenmoku based on an iron compound, Devi Prasad used the glazes with eloquence.
Tommy Hilfiger's models donned nubby knits toughened up with sharp shades of oxblood red.