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Noun1.oyabun - a Japanese supervisor
supervisor - one who supervises or has charge and direction of
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A group of hapless servants, the drama of Outrage stems from the Otomo family being exploited then ultimately betrayed by their sworn kyodai ("brothers") and oyabun ("boss").
Another character appeared on the screen, the oyabun or Big Boss.
The curtain rises on the tragic almost immediately when, during the rescue of George Tanner's daughter, three of the oyabun Tono's soldiers are killed.
The Yamaguchi-gumi's head boss (oyabun) Yoshinori Wantanabe also resigned in 2005 amid mysterious circumstances.
Kingo Tanabe, the leader of the fifth-generation Shimizu family dissolved it in 1961, declaring, ''I am very sorry to Jirocho 'oyabun' (boss)'' that the group had come to be called a gangster syndicate.
This has a striking similarity to the concepts of 'oyabun' and 'kobun' in the Japanese cultural context.
oyabun before Ryu'ichi's revenge enables him to break free of