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 (ō′yĕs′, ō′yĕz′, ō′yā′) also o·yes (ō′yĕs′)
Said loudly three times in succession to call a court to order when the session begins.

[Middle English, from Anglo-Norman French, hear ye, imperative pl. of oyer, to hear, from Latin audīre; see au- in Indo-European roots.]


(əʊˈjɛs; -ˈjɛz) or


a cry, usually uttered three times, by a public crier or court official for silence and attention before making a proclamation
such a cry
[C15: via Anglo-Norman from Old French oiez! hear!]


or o•yes

(ˈoʊ yɛs, ˈoʊ yɛz)

1. hear! attend! (uttered by court officers, and formerly by public criers, to command silence before a proclamation).
2. a cry of “oyez.”
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Anglo-French, pl. imperative of oyer to hear, Old French oïr < Latin audīre]


- Meaning a call for silence and attention, it descends from Anglo-Norman oyez/oiez, "to hear" or "hear ye."
See also related terms for silence.


[əʊˈjez] EXCL¡oíd!


interj (old)Achtung, Achtung
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The trumpets then again flourished, and a herald, stepping forward, proclaimed aloud, ``Oyez, oyez, oyez.
Oyez, Oyez, Oyez Barrow Open Gardens welcomes one and all to an exciting community event, full of colour and pizzazz.
Crying out for more in town Oyez, Oyez, a town council has voted to continue supporting the role of town crier for another year.
(19) These graphs allow readers to make their own assessment of competing claims as to when the new oral argument began, such as 2010, with the retirement of Justice Stevens, or 2002, with the start of the influential commentary site, SCOTUSblog, which could conceivably create an observer effect, (20) or with the gradual development of Oyez archive of Supreme Court cases which, by making transcripts and recordings of oral arguments far more accessible, could have increased the attention paid to the Court, and so increase the incentive for justices to be more performative and less deliberative.
Brave Alan Myatt, making an official town centre appearance, was bellowing "oyez, oyez, oyez" when he was attacked.
Thanks to Oyez, we are able to step back and provide an initially empirical assessment of the nature of oral arguments on the Roberts Court.
The OYEZ: US SUPREME COURT MEDIA website contains over 2,000 recordings of oral arguments before the US Supreme Court.
("Robert Hawley of Oyez has asked me to write an essay about your
Dressed in his full bright blue crier costume, he rallied a crowd with his traditional call of "oyez, oyez, oyez"before launching into a rendition of a piece written to mark the occasion by the royalist Loyal Company of Town Criers of which he is a part.
| ||OYEZ OYEZ OYEZ: Liverpool Town Crier Terry Stubbings launches the Commercial District Retro Market in Exchange Flags,City Centre, 2014.
Audio excerpts of the arguments were downloaded from Oyez, a free law project at the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law.
Series four gets under way with a very loud, "Oyez, oyez, oyez"...