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Noun1.oyster bank - a workplace where oysters are bred and grownoyster bank - a workplace where oysters are bred and grown
workplace, work - a place where work is done; "he arrived at work early today"
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The industry also suffered oyster mortalities from floods in the rivers, theft, and the lack of secure oyster bank tenure.
The Gatesville stratigraphic section is here interpreted as one of transgression from the nonmarine sand facies of the Paluxy Formation, through the shallow marine, oyster bank facies of the Walnut Formation.
Seasonal changes in seawater composition were monitored fortnightly from February to September 1997 at a station facing the oyster bank (marked by * on Fig.
gigas amongst the native species oyster banks up to 100 km south of oyster farms, in Laguna littoral (28[degrees] 30' S; 48[degrees] 40' W, southern Santa Catarina) and in South Bay (27[degrees] 46' S; 48[degrees] 34' W) of Florianopolis Island, indicating natural reproductions of this species in South Brazil.
Robert Carter's book is a mine of information on the most productive oyster banks, the quantity and quality of pearls discovered there, the value of individual pearls and how this is assessed and their final destinations.
One of the most legendary oyster banks commenced in Scandinavia, wove its way along the Atlantic coast and turned into the Mediterranean to grace the fringes of Italy and southern France before precipitously ending at Greece.
Vila summarizes: "It wasn't an Antillean hurricane that decimated Nueva Cadiz but rather the extermination of the oyster banks which caused collective misery and abandonment, turning Nueva Cadiz into a dead city."