oyster dressing

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Noun1.oyster dressing - stuffing made with oysters
stuffing, dressing - a mixture of seasoned ingredients used to stuff meats and vegetables
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Oyster dressing continues to enjoy favored status in New England and Eastern Coastal states, while cornbread rules the South.
We started with the refreshing DOMAINE DU SEUIL BORDEAUX BLANC 2013 (PS10.99, Fine Wines Direct UK, Cardiff), paired with an amazing salmon "club sandwich" with oyster dressing.
Among the FDA's suggestions for a healthy, happy holiday: "Don't eat uncooked cookie dough." "Make sure oysters in oyster dressing are thoroughly cooked." And "when making your own eggnog or other recipe calling for raw eggs, use pasteurized shell eggs, liquid or frozen pasteurized egg products, or powdered egg whites." But enough brandy kills the bacteria, right?