oyster stew

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Noun1.oyster stew - oysters in cream
stew - food prepared by stewing especially meat or fish with vegetables
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Champagne sold at from forty to fifty dollars a quart, and canned oyster stew at fifteen dollars.
A December tradition in my husband's family was to make and consume oyster stew with canned, squiggly, yucky, nasty-tasting oysters.
Michelle Monaghan: For Christmas, I love oyster stew. I enjoy the holidays now more than ever, because you get to experience them through your children's eyes.
The recipes themselves range from Oyster Sliders with Togarashi Slaw; Cracker-Coated Oysters with Dilled Cream; and Oyster Stew; to Steamed Oysters with Sake-Ginger Butter Sauce; Cider-Poached Oysters on Toast; and an Oyster & Celery Root Bisque.
'Bok Choy, Tatsoi, Chard & Other Tasty Winter Greens') makes it easy to locate specific kinds of vegetable dishes, while recipes such as Salsify and Oyster Stew with Toast, Roasted Beet Soup with Hard-Boiled Egg and Celery Cream, and Lobster with Peas and Seared Fingerling Potatoes offer a satisfying range of appealing dishes.
In old Boston's Union Oyster Bar - the building dates back to 1742 - we sat in his favourite booth and enjoyed his favourite food, delicious clam chowder and a crock of oyster stew. A 15-minute trip on Boston's underground Red Line takes you to the comfortable home that JFK's father Joe Kennedy bought for $6,500 in 1914 in the quiet suburb of Brookline.
I practically stood up and begged for another bowl of savory oyster stew; Kelly crowed over the Japanese dish featuring a half-dozen oysters coated with chives, ponzu, wasabi and flying fish roe.
They preferred to boil them for five to seven hours before consumption in an early predecessor to oyster stew. American colonists in the 1600s adopted this method of preparation to word off hunger, although later Pilgrims deemed oysters only worthy as fodder for their farm animals.
- 59p sourced "At Grand Central Station in New York there's an oyster bar, where they serve an oyster stew which is famous across all of America.
Nearby, throngs of oyster lovers queued up, laughing and joking boisterously, as they crammed their trays with Oysters on the Half Shell, Oysters Rockefeller, Oyster Stew and drinks.
We could watch, sip our oyster stew and count ourselves as having accomplished another visit.