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1. An unstable, poisonous allotrope of oxygen, O3, that is formed naturally in the ozone layer from atmospheric oxygen by electric discharge or exposure to ultraviolet radiation, also produced in the lower atmosphere by the photochemical reaction of certain pollutants. It is a highly reactive oxidizing agent used to deodorize air, purify water, and treat industrial wastes.
2. Informal Fresh, pure air.

[German Ozon, from Greek ozon, neuter present participle of ozein, to smell.]

o·zo′nic (ō-zō′nĭk, ō-zŏn′ĭk), o′zon′ous (ō′zō′nəs) adj.
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* Dolce & Gabbana's new limited-edition scent for Summer 2019, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Sun EDT ($68-102), is inspired by the exhilarating magic of summer love on the enchanting island of Capri, warmed by the dazzling Mediterranean sun rays with notes of refreshing coconut water and cedarwood, white musk and ozonic accords.
Referencing these fresher, lighter odors was a means for the post-Poems and Ballads Swinburne to distinguish himself from Baudelaire, and while these oceanic and ozonic scents were also conventional Victorian preferences, Swinburne put their associations with stimulation to erotic ends.
Those who bought their first bottle of CK Obsession in the 80s will, she says, often stick with powerful oriental fragrances and 90s girls who sprayed on L'Eau d'Issey keep wearing ozonic, woody ones.
Master perfumer Jacques Cavallier combined opposing fragrances, surrounding a warm, woodsy center with delicate notes and a "bubbly, fresh ozonic" top accord.
Sea Salt is a unique blend of ozonic and citrus scents which are reminiscent of the ocean and the addition of mossy undertones evokes the sensation of fresh coastal walks with a breeze off the sea.
A watery, floral blend which smells like a posh ozonic scent - the bottle looks pretty too.