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 (ō′zō-nīz′, -zə-)
tr.v. o·zo·nized, o·zo·niz·ing, o·zo·niz·es
1. To treat or impregnate with ozone.
2. To convert (oxygen) to ozone.

o′zon·iz′er n.
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L~entretien to focus on all the ozonizer facilities, filters, water softener and pump Chlorine dosing for anti legionella treatment, probes, etc .
SBO (50 mL) was dissolved in acetone (450 mL) and stirred with a magnetic stirrer in an ozonizer (model Lab-2 [220 Vac, 60 Hz], Ozonetech Co.
2006) reported that the artificial aeration cum ozonizer unit contribute to the improvement of water quality in an ecofreindly way.