p-type semiconductor

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Noun1.p-type semiconductor - a semiconductor in which electrical conduction is due chiefly to the movement of positive holes
semiconductor device, semiconductor unit, semiconductor - a conductor made with semiconducting material
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(1) p-n junction region Refers to the part of a semiconductor where the p-type semiconductor area and the n-type semiconductor area touch.
Polyaniline in emeraldine salt form is a p-type semiconductor with hole as charge carriers and are of our interest, which has been found to be formed on paper.
The activation energy [E.sub.a] can be deduced through Arrhenius plots by the slope of the linear fit, which is related to the energy difference between the Fermi level and the top of valance band in p-type semiconductor [33].
Compared to organic HTMs, inorganic p-type semiconductor materials have the advantages of high hole mobility, wide band gap, low cost, and solution-processed availability, which show promising prospects as hole-selective contacts in perovskite solar cells.
Keywords: NiO; p-type semiconductor; Dye-sensitized solar cells; Rapid discharge sintering; Electroactivity.
CMOS technology relies on interfaces between p-type semiconductors and n-type semiconductors; flat [MoS.sub.2] is an n-type material, and phosphorene is a p-type semiconductor.
A p-type semiconductor doesn't have enough electrons to balance out the positive charges of its atoms; as electrons hop back and forth between atoms, trying futilely to keep them electrically balanced, holes flow through the semiconductor, in much the way waves propagate across water molecules that locally move back and forth by very small distances.
The design of most Peltier devices requires the use of both an n-type semiconductor and a p-type semiconductor. Since heat naturally flows down a temperature gradient from hot to cold, a TEC's ability to move heat from cold to hot in a solid-state fashion is unique.
The holes of a p-type semiconductor effectively represent free positively charged regions that can move about the p-type semiconductor material.
But that's not all, because joining a p-type semiconductor to an n-type semiconductor offers a way to finely control the flow of electric current, and is the foundation for our digital world.
When the researchers instead replaced the next two thiophenes from the ends, the molecule behaved as a p-type semiconductor.
The FET is a three-terminal device, consisting of a p-type semiconductor substrate in which two n-type regions (source and drain) are formed.