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n. Informal
Father; papa.

[Short for papa.]

Pa 1

The symbol for protactinium.

Pa 2



1. or Pa. Pennsylvania
2. or p.a. per annum
3. physician assistant
4. or P/A power of attorney
5. press agent
6. production assistant
7. prosecuting attorney
8. public-address system
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abbreviation for
per annum
[Latin: yearly]
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Noun1.p.a. - an electronic amplification system used as a communication system in public areasP.A. - an electronic amplification system used as a communication system in public areas
amplifier - electronic equipment that increases strength of signals passing through it
communication system - a system for communicating
loudspeaker, loudspeaker system, speaker system, speaker unit, speaker - electro-acoustic transducer that converts electrical signals into sounds loud enough to be heard at a distance
tannoy - a loudspeaker
Adv.1.p.a. - by the yearp.a. - by the year; every year (usually with reference to a sum of money paid or received); "he earned $100,000 per annum"; "we issue six volumes per annum"
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ABBR =per annum (= yearly) → por año, al año
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