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 (pä′kə, păk′ə)
Either of two nocturnal burrowing rodents of the genus Cuniculus of South and Central America, C. paca, found in lowland forested regions, or C. taczanowskii, found at higher elevations.

[Portuguese and American Spanish, both from Tupí páca.]
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(ˈpɑːkə; ˈpækə)
(Animals) a large burrowing hystricomorph rodent, Cuniculus paca, of Central and South America, having white-spotted brown fur and a large head: family Dasyproctidae
[C17: from Spanish, from Tupi]
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(ˈpɑ kə, ˈpæk ə)

n., pl. -cas.
either of two large, white-spotted, almost tailless tropical American rodents of the genus Cuniculus.
[1650–60; < Sp or Portuguese < Tupi]
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Noun1.paca - large burrowing rodent of South America and Central Americapaca - large burrowing rodent of South America and Central America; highly esteemed as food
gnawer, rodent - relatively small placental mammals having a single pair of constantly growing incisor teeth specialized for gnawing
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