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Any of several evergreen creeping plants of the genus Pachysandra of East Asia and the southeast United States, especially Japanese spurge, often planted as a ground cover.

[New Latin Pachysandra, genus name : Greek pakhus, thick + New Latin -andrus, -androus (after its thick stamens).]


(Botany) botany an evergreen shrub


(ˌpæk əˈsæn drə)

n., pl. -dras.
any of several low-growing plants of the genus Pachysandra, of the box family, widely grown as a ground cover.
[1805–15; < New Latin, irreg. < Greek pachýs thick + andr- (s. of anḗr man; see andro-) + New Latin -a -a2; so called from the thick stamens of the male flowers]
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Noun1.pachysandra - any plant of the genus Pachysandra; low-growing evergreen herbs or subshrubs having dentate leaves and used as ground cover
genus Pachysandra - evergreen perennial procumbent subshrubs or herbs
Allegheny mountain spurge, Allegheny spurge, Pachysandra procumbens - low semi-evergreen perennial herb having small spikes of white or pinkish flowers; native to southern United States but grown elsewhere
Japanese spurge, Pachysandra terminalis - slow-growing Japanese evergreen subshrub having terminal spikes of white flowers; grown as a ground cover
subshrub, suffrutex - low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base
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Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes Inc, to Stull Donald; $264,627; 3732 Pachysandra Pl.
I also like pachysandra, an evergreen perennial with bright green foliage which has interesting flowers.
If an evergreen "mulch'' is needed, consider the use of ivy (hardy English), Vinca (blue or white flowers), Pachysandra (Allegheny or Japanese Spurge), or native plants like Partridgeberry, Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis), Ginger (Canadian or European), heaths and heathers, or visit Garden In The Woods to view a living catalogue of native hardy plants.
Some plants also seem to deter rabbits - forget-me-nots, impatiens, amaryllis, bleeding hearts, foxglove, daylily, ferns and pachysandra are among the plants that bunnies will avoid so it may be worth trying to include some of those in the veg patch.
And if the shaded area boasts moist or damp soil, choose fatsia japonica, prunus laurocerasus, skimmia japonica, Bergenia or Pachysandra terminalis.
According to Daughtrey, not only is boxwood affected by this blight, but Sarcococca (sweet box) and pachysandra as well.
Cylindrocladium buxicola fungus causes blight in all types and ages of Buxus species, including boxwood, common groundcover pachysandra and sarcococca (sweet box).
Chickweed is bright, pachysandra upright and budded.
The palace purple variety (pictured) has purple foliage with a pinkish underside that will also bring out the best in evergreen shrubs with light green leaves, such as ground-hugging Pachysandra.
Pachysandra procumbens and Sal ix humilis were documented during this study, but had not previously been reported from Bullock County.
Just lawn, with a few widely spaced trees, low branches trimmed, pachysandra around the roots.