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1. The act of pacifying or the condition of being pacified; appeasement.
a. Reduction, as of a rebellious district, to peaceful submission: "Hadrian waged a brutal war of pacification against tenacious peasants of Judaea" (Kenneth W. Harl).
b. Practical measures or policy aiming to effect this type of submission.
3. often Pacification A peace treaty: the Pacification of Ghent.

pa·cif′i·ca′tor (pə-sĭf′ĭ-kā′tər) n.
pa·cif′i·ca·to′ry (-kə-tôr′ē) adj.
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(35) Lederach articulated the concern that much conflict theory was pacificatory, and while ameliorative, ultimately favored the status quo.
Even though war can be pacified with the help of mnemotechnics, every pacificatory effort will at some point run aground.
It must be admitted that a great result has been obtained here merely by the adoption of pacificatory measures and proving that what we promise we actually perform.