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pa·cif′i·cist n.


a person who is opposed to violence
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Noun1.pacificist - someone opposed to violence as a means of settling disputespacificist - someone opposed to violence as a means of settling disputes
adult, grownup - a fully developed person from maturity onward
peacenik, dove - someone who prefers negotiations to armed conflict in the conduct of foreign relations
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TESTAMENT OF YOUTH (12A) Mac Birmingham Fast-rising star Alicia Vikander stars in this film based on the 1933 memoir of leading 20th century pacificist Vera Mary Brittain (1893-1970).
In Austria the pacificist Bertha von Suttner, closely associated with Nobel and the Prize and one of Europe's leading peace writers and orators, died just before the war.
She notes, however, that in A Dream of John Ball Morris departed from contemporary historians' accounts of the Peasants' War, for example, in rejecting their claim that the egalitarian John Ball was probably a Lollard (member of a somewhat less pacificist fourteenth-century 'quaker'-like movement).
This story helped me define my world view as a Socialist, anti-Imperialist and pacificist.
Less kindly, one might worry that in her pacificist period Weil was briefly attracted to consequentialism because it was possible to estimate the consequences in such a way as to justify pacifism.