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"I had the type of childhood where this was commonplace - packed lunch for every occasion, no need to eat out because there was food at home or it was too expensive, so I suppose it's kind of stuck with me and I don't want that kind of life.
Pupils were tasked with coming up with ideas for a nutritionally balanced packed lunch with a budget of PS2.50.
He said management staff were charged P56.10 for accommodation, P53.72 for breakfast, P50.73 for lunch, P56.70 for dinner and P50.73 for packed lunch.
| Claire Jones: I saw an article last week saying they had found a can of dark fruits Strongbow in a packed lunch coz the kids thought it was juice, and another had a can of Red Bull and a full pack of cookies coz that's all's that was in the fridge - and the mum was in bed so didn't wanna wake her!
The single mum received a letter telling her that failing to settle the [pounds sterling]13 bill or providing a packed lunch instead would be seen as a "child protection concern".
Another child turned up with no packed lunch or cash for a meal, saying he'd had cereal with water on it for breakfast because 'mum needed the milk for her coffee', while a child arrived at school in Birmingham with a Happy Meal box with a cold McDonald's burger and fries inside.
About half of all primary school pupils take a packed lunch to school.
As a result, the Government is now being urged to put packed lunches at the heart of its childhood obesity agenda - with experts calling for packed lunch policies to be introduced to cut down on the amount of unhealthy foods being brought into schools.
Experts are now calling for packed lunch policies to be introduced to cut down on the amount of unhealthy foods, such as crisps, chocolate biscuits and sugary drinks being brought into schools.
And a typical packed lunch serves up more than a six-year-old's entire daily sugar limit, according to research released by the Children's Food Trust today.