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Noun1.packing case - a large crate in which goods are packed for shipment or storagepacking case - a large crate in which goods are packed for shipment or storage
crate - a rugged box (usually made of wood); used for shipping
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The only comfort was the arrival the next morning of a strong packing case, locked, from Ross, the key being in the custody of Davenport.
Harriwell pointed triumphantly at a big packing case in a dusty corner.
Four sailors had sweated beneath the burden of its weight --Tarzan of the Apes picked it up as though it had been an empty packing case, and with the spade slung to his back by a piece of rope, carried it off into the densest part of the jungle.
She raised its drapery, and I saw that the sofa was built of packing cases.
So she hopped up and dressed, although it was an hour earlier than she usually rose, for she could not sleep any more, being possessed with a strong desire to slip down and see if the big portmanteau and packing cases were really in the hall.
One of his first experiences was in the great Wilmax Cannery, where he was put on piece-work making small packing cases.
He hid in a giant packing case and then, once free, used rudimentary German to travel 200 miles as a regular train passenger, finally crossing the border into Holland and freedom.
David Cook: "I was in Anthropologie in New York and was amazed to find packing case display units lined by pages from 1950s' Evening Chronicles.
As per its requirements, Army has specified that the mini UAVs should be complete in all aspects of electronics sensors, propulsion system, on-board camera, control mechanism, trans-receivers, re-chargeable batteries and packing case.
Retail price ranges from $79 for a nylon wheeled tote to $339 for a 30" ballistic nylon packing case.
I found out on Monday that the DVLA haven't received my forms, and the important number that I need to try and trace them is in a packing case somewhere in Westminster while my office gets painted, which I am not going to have access to for at least another two weeks.
White Stripes take Rated X back to basics, with guitar, tambourine and packing case drums, while arena rockers Paramore get unplugged to strum You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man).