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n. pl. paczki
A round Polish pastry similar to a doughnut, usually filled with fruit and topped with sugar or icing.

[Polish pączki, pl. of pączek, bud, doughnut, diminutive of pąk, bud.]
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Featured Polish baked goods include Easter babka, paczki (filled doughnuts), butter lambs (traditional butter sculpture) and homemade kielbasa.
There was something called paczki ziemniaczane z kapusta ( potato doughnuts stuffed with cabbage).
As part of the celebration yesterday, PSFCU offered paczki, traditional Polish donuts, to all members visiting PSFCU branches.
Foley touches on the Catholic history of eating fish on Friday--and how that practice led to the McDonald's Filet-o-Fish sandwich--and discusses foods such as the pretzel and the Polish paczki (a sort of filled donut) that originated because of the traditional Lenten fast.
Andrews Day--the children pour hot wax through a key hole into a pail of water and later look at the wax shape created, telling what it is and what the predictions for the next year are; eating paczki (donuts) and faworki (angel cookies)
The paczki celebration is just another way to pay a higher rate of attention to the Polish community.
Babki, paczki (similar to doughnuts) and apple pie will be among the featured desserts.
The festival offerings include all of the above, as well as plackis (potato pancakes), kielbasa sandwiches, a Polish platter with a little of everything, and at the pastry shop, Eva Podgorny of Oxford pointed out the paczki, a polish doughnut with either prune or raspberry filling.
Easter "Babki,'' Paczki, homemade kielbasa and butter lambs (traditional Easter butter sculptures) will be sold in addition to homemade baked goods.
Germans eat doughnuts, Lithuanians eat blinis, Finns eat split pea and ham soup, and Poles eat paczki, pickled herrings and vodka.
who visit the exhibit will receive a ticket they can redeem for a New Deluxe paczki on their way out .
NOTE: Pizza and Paczki will be served immediately following the press