pad out

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يَحْشو بالقُطن
gøre fyldigpolstre
stoppa upp, troîa út

w>pad out

vt sep
(fig) article, essay etcauffüllen; speechausdehnen, strecken
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(pӕd) noun
1. a soft, cushion-like object made of or filled with a soft material, used to prevent damage by knocking, rubbing etc. She knelt on a pad to clean the floor.
2. sheets of paper fixed together. a writing-pad.
3. a platform from which rockets are sent off. a launching-pad.
verbpast tense, past participle ˈpadded
to put a pad in or on (for protection, to make big enough etc). The shoes were too big so she padded them with cottonwool.
ˈpadding noun
material used to make a pad to protect, fill etc. He used old blankets as padding.
pad out
to fill with a soft material to make the right size. The actor's costume was padded out to make him look fat.
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``We cannot allow employers to pass their responsibility to the Government and taxpayers while they continue to pad out their fat cat directors' retirement villas.