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A unit of Sanskrit poetic meter, consisting of light and heavy syllables in various restricted combinations, and constituting one quarter of a four-line stanza.

[Sanskrit pādaḥ , foot, quarter, pada; see baht.]
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Siklus pengumpulan kas bersih Pan Brothers memburuk menjadi 239 hari pada bulan September 2017, dari 169 hari pada periode yang sama tahun lalu.
Dubbed 'Jana Satana Pada Yatra', the march commenced from Peradeniya on Thursday (July 28) with the participation of MPs representing the group and former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
The synthesis of PAD was the same as that of PADA except that the copolymer only consisted of two monomer (AM and DAC).
The Sri Pada season which begins in December continues till April and thousands of pilgrims of the different faiths as well tourists from around the globe make the arduous climb.
Judge Reed said: "The fact is PADA needed one fewer employee and did not need somebody on the helpline anymore.
4 respectively so that the compounding takes place between elements termed pada by A.
We are currently investigating how the platelet-activating function of PadA can be blocked.
Full details are available in the supplier prospectus which can be found on the PADA website: www.
The first excavations on the settlement site of Pada were undertaken in 19771979 under the supervision of Toomas Tamla.
In the first place, there are primary models in the form of Sabda, Varna, Pada and Vakya and secondly there are also primary categories like Bhava, Sthayi Bhava, Vibhava, Anubhava and Sancari Bhavas.
Adam's Peak ( or Sri Pada as it's known to locals ( has been an object of pilgrimage for over 1,000 years and Buddhists claim that the curious depression at its summit is a footprint of Buddha himself, hence the name, Sri Pada meaning Sacred Footprint.
Florentin Smarandache di bidang literatur pada 1980 dia membentuk gerakan paradoksisme, berdasarkan pada penggunaan kontradiksi eksesif, antinomi, paradoks dalam kreasi.