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A unit of Sanskrit poetic meter, consisting of light and heavy syllables in various restricted combinations, and constituting one quarter of a four-line stanza.

[Sanskrit pādaḥ , foot, quarter, pada; see baht.]
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However, Pada appealed to the government to look into the issue of admissions into the Gwagwalada Nursing School and employment for indigenes to also benefit from the gesture.
Siklus pengumpulan kas bersih Pan Brothers memburuk menjadi 239 hari pada bulan September 2017, dari 169 hari pada periode yang sama tahun lalu.
In view of all the aforementioned aspects, this study aimed to synthesize the hydrophobic ternary copolymer PADA for the E1 removal through UV-initiated copolymerization method using AM, DAC, and AODBAC as monomers.
Dubbed 'Jana Satana Pada Yatra', the march commenced from Peradeniya on Thursday (July 28) with the participation of MPs representing the group and former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.
The synthesis of PAD was the same as that of PADA except that the copolymer only consisted of two monomer (AM and DAC).
The term cannot mean the same thing in the first and third padas, and if they do not mean the same, the question arises why the author simply did not use a different term for one of these meanings.
The Sri Pada season which begins in December continues till April and thousands of pilgrims of the different faiths as well tourists from around the globe make the arduous climb.
He ruled her dismissal was motivated by financial difficulties at PADA.
As chief executive of the Personal Accounts Delivery Authority (PADA), the body charged with introducing NEST, my focus is on the delivery of a low charge scheme appropriate to this group's needs.
The Personal Accounts Delivery Authority (PADA) announced the launch of its procurement process for the personal accounts Scheme Administration services.
Andreas Pada is a support analyst and implementer for the company's circulation and editorial solutions.