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A unit of Sanskrit poetic meter, consisting of light and heavy syllables in various restricted combinations, and constituting one quarter of a four-line stanza.

[Sanskrit pādaḥ , foot, quarter, pada; see baht.]
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In the third pada of the Sanskrit, the goddess is, to Sakra (Indra), a lovely, pleasing, even beloved, sight (carudrsti).
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Thornley from PADA said: "A group of the older lads have taken an active role in planning the sessions.
Such use of the term samasa to refer to a word group which seems to follow the accent-pattern of a single pada is seen widely in the rules of the CA.
4a-c) illustrate two-word tricola occurring within a single pada, two padas, and one and a half padas, respectively:
This massive two-volume set presents every word in the Rig Veda, with its frequency and the text of all the padas in which it occurs, arranged according to the usual grammatical norms: nominal stems and verbal roots.
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Marion, coordinator for PADA, said: ``Drugs are around all the time.
Verbs are accented (a) in pada or sentence-initial position, (b) before id, (c) "intonationally," (d) in subordinate clauses, and (e) in clauses following sentence-initial eta (eto).
Tenders are invited for Construction of concrete bandhara at jamshet dongari pada taluka dahanu, dist palghar.
Tenders are invited for Repairs to bandhara at ganjad deewan pada taluka dahanu, dist palghar.
Steve Hill, who runs Pada (Parents Against Drug Abuse) one of the groups who works with the Social Partnership, criticised the rejection.