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 (pə-dôk′) also pa·douk (-do͞ok′)
1. Any of several African or Asian trees of the genus Pterocarpus of the pea family, having hard red or red-purple wood.
2. The wood of any of these trees, used chiefly for furniture and cabinetwork.



(pəˈdaʊk; -ˈdɔːk) or


1. (Plants) any of various tropical African or Asian leguminous trees of the genus Pterocarpus that have reddish wood
2. (Forestry) the wood of any of these trees, used in decorative cabinetwork
[from a native Burmese word]


or pa•dauk


any of several tropical Old World trees of the genus Pterocarpus, of the legume family, having reddish striped or mottled wood.
[1830–40; < Burmese padauk]
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Noun1.padauk - tree native to southeastern Asia having reddish wood with a mottled or striped black grain
genus Pterocarpus, Pterocarpus - genus of tropical trees or climbers having usually broadly winged pods
amboyna, Andaman redwood - mottled curly-grained wood of Pterocarpus indicus
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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They included bureau bookcases, tables, chairs, dressing tables and elaborate mirrors made from sandalwood or more rare tropical padauk wood (it resembles rosewood) and inlaid with ebony, ivory, teak and mother of pearl, carved with birds, animals and flowers.
The saplings include those of teak, gum-kino (Padauk), Mahogany wood, Thin Win (Burmese wood), gold mohur tree and Burmese star flower.
The influence of the natural extractives of Opepe (Nauclea diderrichii) and African padauk (Pterocarpus soyauxii) timbers on their durability.
Tenders are invited for Tender For Renovation Of Conference Hall At Chatham (By Renovating Pucca Padauk Godown At Chatham Saw Mill)
"With locals marking the four-day festival with plenty of colorful song and dance performances, not to mention throwing copious amounts of water at each other, all to a backdrop of the ubiquitous Burmese 'Thingyan Flower' Padauk in full bloom, the atmosphere is electric," said Sanctum Inle Resort's General Manager Philippe Arnaud.
The star lot was a fantastical parcel-gilt padauk cabinet-on-stand (c.
Effect of extractives on vibrational properties of African Padauk (Pterocarpus soyauxii Taub.).
(18) Okshit Aegle marmelos (L.) Correa (19) Padauk Pterocarpus macrocarpus Kurz (20) Petthan Heterophragma adenophylla (Wall.) Seem.
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The rings have an African padauk outside while the inside is ipe, which is a dark Brazilian walnut.
Amboyna burl comes from narra and padauk trees (Pterocarpus indicus of the Family Fabaceae).
Padauk Myay Radio will air the speech at 5.30 am, 7 am, 6 pm and 8 pm respectively, the state-run media said on Friday.