paddle steamer

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Noun1.Paddle steamer - a steam vessel propelled by paddle wheelspaddle steamer - a steam vessel propelled by paddle wheels
side-wheeler - a paddle steamer having a paddle wheel on each side
steamship, steamer - a ship powered by one or more steam engines
sternwheeler - a paddle steamer having the paddle wheel in the stern
kolesový parník
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It was with the greatest difficulty they could get her down to the beach, where presently my brother succeeded in attracting the attention of some men on a paddle steamer from the Thames.
Summer cruises The Jeanie Deans was a Clyde paddle steamer, built in 1931 for the London and North Eastern Railway
Since being sold to the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society, she has carried more than five million passengers.
The wreck of Iona I is the well-preserved sunken Clydebuilt 19th-century paddle steamer and a site of national importance.
Such was his enthusiasm and determination that he (and his sea captain friend) were responsible for getting the Waverley (the least seagoing paddle steamer in the world) sailing again.
As paddle steamers are rare it did not take long for them to uncover her history.
RESTORATION of the historic Medway Queen paddle steamer has taken a step forward with the unveiling of its new keel.
And if you don't fancy it (my mum didn't on account of her blood pressure) you can always jump on the paddle steamer and watch your loved ones whizz round AND round AND round.
Eventually the children undertook a series of larger studies tracing the changes since the arrival of the white man--the first paddle steamer on Okanagan Lake, the first train, present-day life on the reserve, and so on.
Mr Michael had been due to launch the Friends of The Jurassic Coast organisation in Weymouth, Dorset, on a paddle steamer but said he was advised by police to cancel the boat trip.
RONNI discovered her unique vocal talent while working on a tourist paddle steamer.