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Adj.1.paddle-shaped - shaped in the form of a paddle; "paddle-shaped fins"
formed - having or given a form or shape
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This sport is played with 2 teams of 11 players, a paddle-shaped bat, and a ball.
Which country's national dress includes a paddle-shaped fan called an abaniko which women traditionally used for communication?
Fruits on these bananas don't taste good but they are worth growing for the architectural paddle-shaped leaves.
It's a paddle-shaped soft pastry draped in the obligatory syrup, not, thankfully, the rear end of the cute, dam-making mammal.
There is the large paddle-shaped head up top that releases the bolt with a small, serrated extension below the pivot point that works as the bolt catch.
I'm not very good at applying liner but using this was so easy - my new make-up go-to.' Hannah Mills, S Wales Max Factor Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner, PS7.99 8 out of 10 Beauty ed: The paddle-shaped tip lets you tailor the thickness of the line to suit your style.
The presentation was excellent with a mound of sticky rice next to the tender pork belly and the pak choi with its pretty paddle-shaped dark green crisp and crunchy leaves on the side.
The Excelsior Beer Tasting Set - four pilsner glasses paired with a paddle-shaped serving board - has been a strong seller for Bormioli Rocco since its introduction in March 2014, says Laurie O'Hara, the company's U.S.
Depending on the intensity, energy level, excitement or predatory drive of the dog, I would use either a light six-foot-long bamboo pole or "raddle paddle" (a plastic, paddle-shaped device filled with small hard plastic pellets attached to a four-foot handle) to guide the dog's approach to the sheep.
When the ball was struck with a paddle-shaped bat, the ball was deflected to one side or the other, depending on the angle of the paddle.
The Santo Antonio de Patrulha sample has a more rounded proximal tip and narrower midlength and distal apex, whereas our sample has a very pronounced paddle-shaped proximal tip and a slight constriction in the midlength.
Drivers need only tap a paddle-shaped switch on the steering column to switch to a "stealth" mode in which Karma runs exclusively off battery power.