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Noun1.paddlewheel - a large wheel fitted with paddles and driven by an engine in order to propel a boatpaddlewheel - a large wheel fitted with paddles and driven by an engine in order to propel a boat
paddle - a blade of a paddle wheel or water wheel
paddle box, paddle-box - a wooden covering for the upper part of a paddlewheel
wheel - a simple machine consisting of a circular frame with spokes (or a solid disc) that can rotate on a shaft or axle (as in vehicles or other machines)
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American Cruise Lines' modern riverboats are the first major style departure from the classic paddlewheel riverboats that have been plying the Mississippi since the early 1800s.
The story of the humble paddlewheel vessel began in South Shields at the long-gone yard of Hepple and Company where it was built in 1914.
Charles, Kane County Flea Market, Pottawatomie Park & Paddlewheel Boats, Scarecrow Fest, Prairie Center at Kane County Fairgrounds, Lamplight Equestrian Center, Fine Arts Show, St.
The pedaling powers the paddlewheel at the rear of the vessel.
PS Ostrich is one of only four remaining paddlewheel steamers that still operate on the long-distance route from Sadarghat.
The Birkenhead was a paddlewheel iron frigate converted into a transport troopship.
(b) in the "Flow rate" or "Turnover rate" the water flow rate forced by the paddlewheel into the entire FLUPSY, not of the individual silos, and (c) choose "No" in "With phytoplankton blooming tanks" box.
The single crystal XRD revealed that the complex crystallized in monoclinic space group P2/n with square pyramidal geometry around each copper atom and adopted paddlewheel conformation with Cu....Cu intra-dimer distance of 2.66 A.
She appreciates boats of all varieties and has written about a voyage on an icebreaker to Antarctica (where she serenaded the penguins with her penny-whistle), a dugout canoe adventure in the Amazonian rainforest (where she learned the Achuar believe the butterfly is a reincarnation of the lungs), an Indian Ocean sail on a dhow in Zanzibar (while researching spice farms), and a paddlewheel boat excursion in Alaska.