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 (păd′lĭng, păd′l-ĭng)
1. The act of moving a boat by means of a paddle.
2. A spanking or beating with a paddle.


 of ducks: a company of ducks on water—Lipton, 1970.
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I began after a little to grow very bold and sat up to try my skill at paddling.
The others ceased paddling, and, with wide eyes, looked first at me and then at the battling sea-things which fought for the corpse of their comrade.
I think that they must have been commencing to have some doubts--those wild, naked, red warriors--for when the first man fell in the second boat, the others stopped paddling and commenced to jabber among themselves.
After paddling for a whole night, thinking that they were headed for home, they had seen this land at sunrise, and, still taking it for the mainland, had hailed it with joy, nor had Mugambi been aware that it was an island until Tarzan had told him that this was the fact.
Unconsciously I had ceased paddling as the serpent rose to engage my pursuer, so now the skiff still drifted close beside the two.
Still later he persuaded me to join him, and I, too, learned the trick of paddling.
Lying side by side in this position, our outside hands and feet were left free for paddling.
We left, paddling downstream close to the bank; and as we passed by the creek where they were fishing, the great shouting had ceased, but the murmur of voices was loud like the humming of insects flying at noonday.
Malbihn called to the guards in the camp and a moment later the entire party had entered the boats and were paddling up stream.
Without an instant's hesitation he turned up the grim river, paddling hard against the strong current.
One day, after we had been paddling about for some time, I disembarked Kory-Kory, and paddled the canoe to the windward side of the lake.
We who brought the word were tired with the paddling, but we took part in the attack.