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Any of several small macropods of the genus Thylogale of New Guinea, Australia, and adjacent islands, having short thick tails and sometimes considered to be small wallabies.

[Probably Dharuk badimaliyan.]


(ˈpædɪˌmɛlən) or


(Animals) a small wallaby of the genus Thylogale, of coastal scrubby regions of Australia
[C19: from a native Australian name]
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Noun1.pademelon - small reddish-brown wallabies of scrubby areas of Australia and New Guineapademelon - small reddish-brown wallabies of scrubby areas of Australia and New Guinea
brush kangaroo, wallaby - any of various small or medium-sized kangaroos; often brightly colored
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Indeed, many people may not have even heard of a dusky pademelon before.
A pademelon is a small type of which Australian marsupial?
eastern grey kangaroo Macropus giganteus and Tasmanian pademelon Thylogale billardierii).
A quokka, by the way, is a stocky Australian pademelon, or wallaby.
The brushtail possum and Tasmanian pademelon were the most common species hit by traffic.
Of the four species of wallabies found on the Aru Islands during the pre-LGM period, only one pademelon (Thylogale brunii) remains as part of the modern Aru fauna.
Pulling out a pocketknife, Geoff King reaches down and deftly slits the roadkilled pademelon from gullet to groin.