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1. Used formerly as a title for the monarch of Iran.
2. Used formerly as a title for the sultan of Turkey.

[Persian pādshāh : Old Persian pati-, master; see poti- in Indo-European roots + Persian shāh, king; see shah.]


(Historical Terms) a title of the shah of Iran
[from Persian pādi lord + shah]


(ˈpɑ dɪˌʃɑ, -ˌʃɔ)

(often cap.) great king; emperor (a title, esp. of the shah of Iran).
[1605–15; < Persian (poetical form), =pādi- (earlier pati) lord + shāh shah]
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Called Kizilbash (Turkic for "Red Heads" as they wore a distinctive crimson hat with 12 folds denoting their Twelver faith), these men considered Isma'il to be both their religious Murshed-e Kamel ("the Perfect Guide as head of the Safawi order) and their temporal Padishah (king).
The Governor of Guador came onboard our ship and assured us of his unalterable devotion to our glorious Padishah.
After a stroke last week, Uzbekistan's longtime president, 78-year old Islam Karimov -- nicknamed Padishah by local media -- failed to accomplish what was long awaited by his inner circle: a controlled transition of power through the appointment of a successor.
Other kings state openly that they will not hesitate to promptly fulfill all orders that will come from the padishah and they will be honoured to do so.
Such a strong fortress fell in the hand of the Ottoman padishah without even a soldier nose bleed [.
sic]; Kishan Kundha [Kishkindha], meaning it is Anagundhi [Anegundi], Bhim Riy, meaning the country that is in the environs of the river Bhinwdr and some of that is the part of the country of the padishah [.
With the Reform Edict, Padishah Abdulmecid declared that the lives, properties and decency of his nation was guaranteed and that the taxes would be collected justly due to the income of every one and that the military service and the duration of military service would be reviewed (Oner, 2005, p.
Once inside the city, Pullman must choose between the evil Bailiff and his arch rival, the angelic Padishah (or great king), who is a sentimental bore.
33) Or: Your Majesty, blessed and powerful Padishah, defender of the world
Controlling the Persian Area, the Turks got for their Emperor (Sultan) the ancient name of Padishah (King of the Kings) (9).
To summarize: His Majesty the Padishah of Islam orders a jihad as a general mobilization and individual duty for all Muslims according to the Quran.
The Padishah, holding the first place, all the notables in the govemment supported artists and art in varying degrees and maintained this practice as a tradition until the last periods of the emperor.