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(pə-drō′nē, -nā)
n. pl. pa·dro·nes (-nēz, -nāz) or pa·dro·ni (-nē)
1. An owner or manager, especially of an inn; a proprietor.
2. A person who exploitatively employs or finds work for immigrants, especially Italian immigrants.

[Italian, from Latin patrōnus, patron; see patron.]

pa·dro′nism n.


n, pl -nes or -ni (-niː)
1. the owner or proprietor of an inn, esp in Italy
2. (Commerce) US an employer who completely controls his workers, esp a man who exploits Italian immigrants in the US
[C17: from Italian; see patron1]


(pəˈdroʊ ni, -neɪ)

n., pl. -nes, -ni (-nē).
1. a master; boss.
2. an employer, esp. of immigrant laborers.
3. an innkeeper.
[1660–70; < Italian; see patron]
pa•dro′nism (-nɪz əm) n.
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Noun1.padrone - an owner or proprietor of an inn in Italy
innkeeper, boniface, host - the owner or manager of an inn
2.padrone - an employer who exploits Italian immigrants in the U.S.
employer - a person or firm that employs workers
References in classic literature ?
It was our signal, invariably heard by the ever-watchful Dominic, the PADRONE.
If I were sole owner we'd shake hands on it now, my dear Dantes, and call it settled; but I have a partner, and you know the Italian proverb -- Chi ha compagno ha padrone --
Restaurateur Milan Nikolic, from Helensburgh, was on board, travelling to the wedding of Marko Curic, who manages his Padrone pizza restaurant.
Many productions that are now seen as classics once celebrated their premiere there, and many of them were awarded a Golden Palm -- among them "The Third Man" and "La Dolce Vita," as well as later masterpieces like "Padre Padrone," "Taxi Driver" and "Yol.
Children who failed to comply with the demands of their padrone master were frequently beaten.
Without any knowledge of English or how to play an instrument, Rocco is forced to earn money for his boss, the padrone.
They include director of photography Vittorio Storaro (Oscars for Apocalypse Now, Reds and The Last Emperor), editor Roberto Perpignani (Padre Padrone, Il Postino, Caesar Must Die), special effects designer Scott E.
Although Yellin does focus on a number of Chadwick's twentieth-century pieces such as The Padrone, Tam O'Shanter, and Aphrodite, Faucett's ability to contextualize these works within the activities of Chadwick's life and the musical life of the U.
Peter Griffin reads this sterile cat as a version of the husband and takes the wife's desire for a "wet pussy" as an expressly sexual desire: the cat that the padrone sends is not the "wet pussy" that she wants but a sterile male, and "she's already got one of those" (100, 102).
Talk and Slideshow "The Padrone System and the Wachusett Reservoir Project,'' noon Jan.
In quest'ottica, l'allestimento del finto funerale del padrone oltre che essere un espediente teatrale di eccezionale efficacia performativa e narratologica (una mise en abime del teatro nel teatro), costituisce una novita radicale, se paragonata ai modelli di lotta tradizionalmente adottati nella storia del movimento operaio.
In a continent where government control has ranged from the padre padrone (father and master) to totalitarian regimes, there is much to fear in allowing the government excessive control.