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n. Informal
A very interesting, exciting, or suspenseful book, usually a novel.


(Journalism & Publishing) an exciting novel, such as a thriller, with a fast-moving story


a book so exciting or gripping that one is compelled to read it very rapidly.


(inf: = book) → spannendes Buch
(person) jd, der Noten umblättert
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This is Rob Sinclair's second Carl Logan book, another highoctane page-turner that you can't put down until the end.
NOON Sitting at a table in Greece having a Mediterraneanstyle lunch, looking across the Aegean Sea, reading a good page-turner.
Add aliens into the thriller format, include more than a touch of (predictable) romance, and posit an alien alternative energy force that anyone would kill for and you have a page-turner that holds a few elements of surprises within what begins as a standard thriller format.
Bournville Children's Book Festival promises to be a page-turner - with interactive sessions, workshops and classes from 30 writers, illustrators, musicians and actors.
99) Debut novel - and page-turner - about 16-year-old 'Butter' who is battling obesity.
VERDICT: Claustrophobic story is a real page-turner (Picador, priced pounds 12.
Those female readers who like stories of this genre will find this one a page-turner.
Dobbs is in fine form with this fast-paced page-turner, the third of his Harry Jones novels.
The second book in the Furnace series is gripping and engaging from the start, and is a real page-turner that's full of menace.
Funny, thought-provoking, and a page-turner, "What We Were Doing and Where We Were Going" is a read well worth the investment.
The second part of the Void Trilogy is a gripping page-turner and space epics don't come much better.
It's not exactly a page-turner, but the 2009 Statistical Abstract of the United States, published by the Census Bureau, paints a fascinating portrait-by-numbers of the nation.