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n. Informal
A very interesting, exciting, or suspenseful book, usually a novel.


(Journalism & Publishing) an exciting novel, such as a thriller, with a fast-moving story


a book so exciting or gripping that one is compelled to read it very rapidly.


(inf: = book) → spannendes Buch
(person) jd, der Noten umblättert
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The writer from Lawrenny, Pembrokeshire, who gripped millions of readers with his page-turners set in the world of racing, was buried next to his wife on Grand Cayman.
If The Kermesse in Bruges and Napoli were novels, we would call them page-turners.
Based on Clive Cussler's popular page-turners, ``Sahara'' is simply a bad time at the movies.
With a wealth of new data, these page-turners send us back to the drawing board when we look at even the masters' most familiar work.
For us, IBT is the perfect company to partner with because their vision of e-learning goes beyond simple HTML page-turners.
For more than two decades from his first award-winning book in 1976 to the latest in the immensely popular Alex Cross series -- Patterson has been acclaimed for his page-turners -- as his five previous #1 megabestsellers attest.