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n. Informal
A very interesting, exciting, or suspenseful book, usually a novel.


(Journalism & Publishing) an exciting novel, such as a thriller, with a fast-moving story


a book so exciting or gripping that one is compelled to read it very rapidly.


(inf: = book) → spannendes Buch
(person) jd, der Noten umblättert
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Previous books have twisted the history of Second World War codebreakers and the politics of ancient Rome into page-turning best-sellers and he has done it again, with The Dreyfus Affair.
amp;OS=PN/D670,713&RS=PN/D670,713) design patent for page-turning on its e-reading devices.
The current page-turning animations on iPads and e-readers don't replace the actual feel of turning pages that e-book holdouts seek.
From Florida to Salt Lake City to New Jersey to the Dead Sea--with page-turning drama and mystery--Frederick Reiken's wondrous and exquisite novel glides effortlessly through time and space in search of one family's unresolved past.
It has a 20% faster page-turning rate and smaller inward-press page-turn buttons.
The result is a page-turning treat that will delight fans of the Twilight books and movie.
And join the LDP Business Club today to access an online page-turning version of the latest edition of the 100-page LDP Business magazine.
From Kate Moss's midget feet to drinking wine in pyjamas with Sadie Frost, Dav spills, er, page-turning details of their gang.
The dynamics of the dog-eat-dog world of popular cinema, even in its infancy, make for a page-turning read steeped in the senses of yesteryear.
Lest this sound unrelentingly grim, rest assured that Jokes succeeds as both a page-turning read and a hilariously revelatory memoir.
And though I've never heard more frenzied page-turning on Disney Hall's music stands than at this concert, there was never the sense that discipline was waning, even when the orchestra surged.
Leslie's narrative introduces some engaging characters in the world of dams, lending his book a page-turning quality.