pain au chocolat

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pain au cho·co·lat

 (pän ō shō′kō-lät′, păN ô shō′kō-lä′)
A light, flaky, rectangular pastry with a chocolate filling.

[French : pain, bread + au, with the + chocolat, chocolate.]
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For a more continental experience, choose from a wide variety of baked goods such as croissants, pain au chocolat, muffins and bagels whilst healthier options include fresh fruit salad, granola, porridge and organic yoghurt.
The Italian restaurant chain has launched a vegan croissant and pain au chocolat at all of its branches including those inWoking,Cobham, Bracknell andWalton.
Boulangeries sit on almost every corner, so pop in for a pain au chocolat fresh from the oven, washed down with a quick shot of dark espresso.
Sue Smith's gelding has been upwardly mobile over fences, winning twice then ran another stormer when runner-up to a revitalised Pain Au Chocolat at Newcastle.
MORNING A flat white and a perfect pain au chocolat at Lune Croissanterie in Melbourne and then I'd stroll to the Rose St Artists' Market to admire the local crafts.
-Scenarios grants: "Film sur film" of Houssem El Echi and "Pain au chocolat" of Fatma Laazibi
Piled high in wooden crates were all sorts of baked treats, from pain au chocolat, cinnamon rolls and Danish pastries, to muffins, glazed doughnuts and artisan breads.
PARIS: The French phrasebooks may have to remove the term 'pain au chocolat', one of the few French phrases that many tourists can muster, from the food chapter, if some French lawmakers get their way.
There's a massive choice on the menu, from eggs Florentine to pain au chocolat. BEAN At Bean in Derby, locally and freshly-prepared meals are its stock in trade.
Having made the very best use of my GCSE French, I'm carrying a big paper bag full of warm croissants and pain au chocolat and, with the morning sun on my face, I'm full of joie de vivre.
Aspiring cooks will learn how to make the perfect Pain au Chocolat, delight friends with colorful doughnuts, or indulge in comforting Miso Soup.