paint the town red

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a. A liquid mixture, usually of a solid pigment in a liquid vehicle, used as a decorative or protective coating.
b. The thin dry film formed by such a mixture when applied to a surface.
c. The solid pigment before it is mixed with a vehicle.
2. A cosmetic, such as rouge, that is used to give color to the face; makeup.
3. Basketball The free throw lane.
4. A Paint horse.
5. Slang The face cards in a deck of cards: I haven't seen any paint for the last ten hands.
v. paint·ed, paint·ing, paints
1. To make (a picture) with paints.
a. To represent in a picture with paints.
b. To depict vividly in words.
3. To coat or decorate with paint: paint a house.
4. To apply cosmetics to.
5. To apply medicine to; swab: paint a wound.
6. To shine a laser beam on, especially in order to designate a target for laser-guided munitions.
1. To practice the art of painting pictures.
2. To cover something with paint.
3. To apply cosmetics to oneself: "Let her paint an inch thick, to this favor she must come" (Shakespeare).
4. To serve as a surface to be coated with paint: These nonporous surfaces paint badly with a brush.
paint the black
Baseball To throw a pitched ball over the edge of home plate for a strike.
paint the town red Slang
To go on a spree.

[From Middle English painten, to paint, from Old French peintier, from peint, past participle of peindre, from Latin pingere; see peig- in Indo-European roots.]

paint′a·bil′i·ty n.
paint′a·ble adj.

paint the town red

To take part in a wild celebration or drinking spree.
kirúg a hámból
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Pair your outfit with a bright red lipstick and matching nail polish, and get ready to paint the town red.
Pictured above at the Paint the Town Red after party are Ethan DeHoniesto and Hugo VanDiljk.
When there is no cat, rodents hold congresses and paint the town red.
BUSINESSES can paint the town red in Caernarfon after the Buisiness Improvement District(BID) secured its first investment.
WHERE does the expression paint the town red come from?
PEOPLE are invited to paint the town red, yellow, green and blue to raise money for a specialist bereavement centre.
And they want everyone to paint the town red, to celebrate the 50th anniversary display season of the RAF Red Arrows.
The exhibit is part of Middlesbrough town centre's plans to Paint The Town Red which has seen shop windows decorated with good luck messages for the team.
their deliciously lip-licking Paint the town Red Lip tint, PS3.
BY PAT FLANAGAN CORK fans John and Theresa O'Regan intend to paint the town red if their county overcomes Clare on Sunday.
Huge attempts to ferry down, fall in love, paint the town red, but all I
ALL mums needs a night off so why not treat her to these Adler chunky heels which she can wear to paint the town red.