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Merseyside Police's official Twitter account posted: "We know you'll be wanting to paint the town red tonight, but we need to make sure that you're safe.
A shop owner and her customers will paint the town red with thousands of crafted poppies in time for Remembrance Sunday.
Paint the town red with the Vivo V9's newest shade.
Pair your outfit with a bright red lipstick and matching nail polish, and get ready to paint the town red.
Keller Williams NYC (KWNYC) hosted its first "Paint the Town Red" event to help New Yorkers find the perfect home.
When there is no cat, rodents hold congresses and paint the town red. In order to stop mice and rats, you have to get a cat.
BUSINESSES can paint the town red in Caernarfon after the Buisiness Improvement District(BID) secured its first investment.
'PAINT the town red' best describes the opening of Season 92 of the National Collegiate Athletic Assocation (NCAA), the country's oldest collegiate league.
WHERE does the expression paint the town red come from?
PEOPLE are invited to paint the town red, yellow, green and blue to raise money for a specialist bereavement centre.
And they want everyone to paint the town red, to celebrate the 50th anniversary display season of the RAF Red Arrows.