paint up


w>paint up

vt sep buildingneu or frisch anstreichen; faceanmalen; she gets all painted up on a Friday nightfreitags abends legt sie immer ihre Kriegsbemalung an (inf)
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With the group of young artists and designers who work with the Paint Up NGO seeking to make Beirut brighter and more beautiful through colour, 7Up's 'Feels Good to be You' offered a platform to showcase Beirut, says Lana Chukri
Once the discussions started, and we communi- cated more, they showed a lovely and genuine interest in what we did and we felt this would be a great platform for us to showcase Beirut, and Paint Up's mission for Beirut, on a wider scale to a more international audience also.
After our latest and most successful event last month rejuvenating our previously painted Massaad Stairs, we're focusing on few personalinitiatives with charities and educational organisations, to paint up and benefit areas that are mostly inhab- ited by refugees, or more underprivileged communities that could need uplifting.