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a. A liquid mixture, usually of a solid pigment in a liquid vehicle, used as a decorative or protective coating.
b. The thin dry film formed by such a mixture when applied to a surface.
c. The solid pigment before it is mixed with a vehicle.
2. A cosmetic, such as rouge, that is used to give color to the face; makeup.
3. Basketball The free throw lane.
4. A Paint horse.
5. Slang The face cards in a deck of cards: I haven't seen any paint for the last ten hands.
v. paint·ed, paint·ing, paints
1. To make (a picture) with paints.
a. To represent in a picture with paints.
b. To depict vividly in words.
3. To coat or decorate with paint: paint a house.
4. To apply cosmetics to.
5. To apply medicine to; swab: paint a wound.
6. To shine a laser beam on, especially in order to designate a target for laser-guided munitions.
1. To practice the art of painting pictures.
2. To cover something with paint.
3. To apply cosmetics to oneself: "Let her paint an inch thick, to this favor she must come" (Shakespeare).
4. To serve as a surface to be coated with paint: These nonporous surfaces paint badly with a brush.
paint the black
Baseball To throw a pitched ball over the edge of home plate for a strike.
paint the town red Slang
To go on a spree.

[From Middle English painten, to paint, from Old French peintier, from peint, past participle of peindre, from Latin pingere; see peig- in Indo-European roots.]

paint′a·bil′i·ty n.
paint′a·ble adj.
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easily painted
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Adj.1.paintable - lending itself to being painted; "a highly paintable landscape"; "made of sturdy eminently paintable wood"
unpaintable - not paintable especially not suitable for artistic representation on canvas; "the inexpressible, unpaintable `tick' in the unconscious"
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She was very paintable, and all the young men who had fallen victims to her charm had made portraits of her.
The products are all paintable, stick to themselves and are freeze-thaw stable, and we have a unique stop-flow plunger in our cartridges as well.
| Send your questions to: PRODUCT OF THE WEEK RUST-OLEUM RUST REFORMER THIS is a direct-to-rust primer and instantly converts rusted metal into a smooth paintable surface, no sanding required.
Just a small amount spread over the joint with a scraper will be enough, no sanding is required and it is paintable too.
The water-based product is said to be environmentally-friendly, and the silicone-free formula can be used for paintable surfaces.
DAP ALEX PLUS All Purpose Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone, America's number one selling brand of caulk, is paintable in just 30 minutes.
Janice and Bruno, by email Zena says: Anaglypta is famous for its traditional relief paintable wallpaper but it also comes in contemporary patterns, such as Lark RD5303 and Swan RD5006, which feature a grid design (PS16.50/roll).
It's seamless and paintable too - so the final decorative touches are far superior to drywall.” Matrix Basement Systems is the largest basement finishing contractor in the Midwest, with offices in Illinois, Michigan and New England.