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1. A game in which players on one team seek to eliminate those on an opposing team by marking them with a water-soluble dye shot in capsules from air guns.
2. The dye-filled gelatinous capsule shot from guns in this game.


(ˈpeɪntˌbɔːl) or


(Team Sports, other than specified) a game in which teams of players simulate a military skirmish, shooting each other with paint pellets that explode on impact, marking the players who have been shot
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Noun1.paintball - a capsule filled with water-soluble dye used as a projectile in playing the game of paintballpaintball - a capsule filled with water-soluble dye used as a projectile in playing the game of paintball
capsule - a small container
2.paintball - a game that simulates military combat; players on one team try to eliminate players on the opposing team by shooting capsules of paint at them
outdoor game - an athletic game that is played outdoors
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