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1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a painter; artistic.
a. Having qualities unique to the art of painting.
b. Of, relating to, or being a style of painting marked by openness of form, with shapes distinguished by variations of color rather than by outline or contour.

paint′er·li·ness n.
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the quality of being painterly
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There is little Sturm und Drang or Turneresque atmospherics, hardly any Goya-like treatments of either the supernatural or extreme violence, and the bravura painterliness of Delacroix is nowhere to be found.
They bring to mind Medardo Rosso's Post-Impressionist "melting sculptures"; the absurd, grotesque distortions of Surrealism; and, less obviously, the self-dramatizing rippling quality of painterliness at its most intensely, randomly, and aggressively expressionist.
This is crucial, as the painterliness of Bacon's representation is often overlooked in exhibitions of his work in favour of thematic parallels.
"The overlapping of one object by another is one of the most important devices for the achievement of painterliness, for it is recognized that the eye quickly tires of anything in a painting that can be fully grasped at first glance.
Despite this early engagement with Abstract Expressionism, Kelder strongly notes that Biala expressed, on numerous occasions, increasing reservations regarding the direction of painting: "Like many of us, I was raised on the notion of 'painterliness' ...
"Let's see if I can't do something that goes in the opposite direction from painterly abstraction." This decision "to get away from painterliness" and "move somewhere else" was at the heart of his art.
I remember when I first started thinking about contemporary painting in the late '90s--there was a feeling that if you were to make something "painterly" it had to be a quote of what painterliness could represent.
But on closer inspection, you're pulled into the depths of Mackprang's deft color sense, and above all, her painterliness. She is wonderful at handling the richness of oil paints.
From certain professors at Surikov, Kabakov became acquainted with a style of Russian art known as "Cezannism," which, although officially forbidden, was a practice based on a particular interpretation of Cezanne's work that focused upon balance and painterliness. (13) By 1955, Kabakov began working as a children's book illustrator for Detgiz State Publishers, quickly learning to create innocuous and easily-recognizable types, whether dogs, cats, faces or houses, in order to satisfy the art directors and not call undue attention to himself.
Updike sees this opposition between "lininess" and painterliness throughout the history of American art, down to Roy Lichtenstein, with his sharp-edged pop art, and Andy Warhol, the devoted colorist.