pair off

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Verb1.pair off - form a pair or pairs; "The two old friends paired off"
unite, unify - act in concert or unite in a common purpose or belief
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w>pair off

vt sepin Zweiergruppen einteilen; to pair somebody off with somebody (= find boyfriend etc for)jdn mit jdm zusammenbringen or verkuppeln (inf); she was paired off with Jean in the tournamentsie wurde beim Turnier mit Jean zusammengebracht; pair off each word with its oppositeordnen Sie jedem Wort den jeweiligen Gegensatz zu
viPaare bilden (with mit); all the people at the party had paired offbei der Party hatten alle Pärchen gebildet; Marcel paired off with EmmaMarcel und Emma wurden ein Pärchen
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Then, he and my sister would pair off in such nonsensical speculations about Miss Havisham, and about what she would do with me and for me, that I used to want - quite painfully - to burst into spiteful tears, fly at Pumblechook, and pummel him all over.
"Well, well," said Rochefort, "here is a chance which may pair off with the other!
WOULD be the most appropriate motto for this chapter, because, intimidated by the threats, denunciations, and complaints showered upon me in consequence of taking the liberty to end a certain story as I liked, I now yield to the amiable desire of giving satisfaction, and, at the risk of outraging all the unities, intend to pair off everybody I can lay my hands on.
There will be no possibility of a tete-a-tete with you any more, unless you can find an admirer for her, who will pair off with her occasionally.
Love Island ITV2, 9pm Caroline Flack presents the fourth week of the reality show in which singletons compete to pair off in Majorca, in the hope of finding love - and winning a PS50,000 prize.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Pair off 9 Earns 10 Range 11 Rancour 12 Dab 13 Sob story 16 Organism 17 Inn 19 Arizona 21 Alibi 22 Slave 23 Erosive.
The idea is that they will pair off and get to know each other in a biblical sense.
The Lions' opening pair off Roger Mukasa (25 off 28 balls with three boundaries) and Fulper, gave their team a flying start with an opening partnership of 81 runs.
The 16-1 outsider appeared a sitting duck in front when market leaders Farleigh Mac (10-11) and Love Oasis (5-2) loomed up to challenge, but Secret Potion fended the pair off to deny those who forced Love Oasis to 1.7 and Farleigh Mac to as short as 1.16.
Gonzaga, dubbed as the Queen of Sands as she has never lost a beach volleyball title, will pair off with Nene Bautista for RC Cola-Army A that will take on Petron Sprint 4T's Frances Molina and Maica Morada at 4:30 p.m.