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 (pī-zä′nō) also pai·san (-zän′)
n. pl. pai·sa·nos also pai·sans
1. A countryman; a compatriot.
2. Slang A friend; a pal.

[Spanish, from French paysan, from Old French paisant, peasant; see peasant.]


1. (Peoples) a fellow countryman
2. (Peoples) US an Italian-American
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El proyecto, redactado por los arquitectos de la Direccion General de Arquitectura Luis Diaz-Guerra y Milla y Ramiro Avendano Paisan, y atribuido con frecuencia al reconocido arquitecto Luis Moya Blanco, se aprobo en 1941 y fue modificado en 1944.
In Paisan (1946), the second film in Roberto Rossellini's wartime trilogy, a drunken African American soldier named Joe meets Pasquale, a young Neapolitan urchin.
During my visit, the exhibition SuperQueeroes: Our LGBTI* Comic Book Heroes and Heroines was on show, featuring the work of Alison Bechdel, Diane DeMassa of Hothead Paisan fame, and others.
Rome, Open City and Paisan where also didactic, and even Germany, Year Zero was didactic, because I was making an effort--I am quite sure of this --to understand events that had involved me personally, and that had overwhelmed me.
Otaegui D, Paisan C, Saenz A, Marti I, Ribate M, Marti-Masso JF, et al.
Paisan Praneetpongrang, Senior Director, Air Traffic Services Engineering Support Bureau of AEROTHAI.
BWF deputy president Paisan Rangsikitpoh expressed confidence in India's ability to host the event of this stature.
What we are doing is similar to other sports -- the rules and principles are essentially the same as sports such as tennis, though the technology and process may differ slightly," said BWF deputy president Paisan Rangsikitpho.
Essentially, we're a program administrator for cloud providers looking to de-risk their balance sheets through the use of insurance," noted Mike Paisan, CEO of the Cyber Risk Partners subsidiary.
CloudInsure CEO, Mike Paisan says, "The insurance industry needs the cloud industry, and cloud industry needs the insurance industry -- they just don't know it yet.