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n. pl. pai·se (-sā′) or paisa
A unit of currency equal to 1/100 of the rupee in India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

[Hindi paisā, from Sanskrit *padāṁśaḥ, quarter part : padam, foot, quarter (of a verse); see ped- in Indo-European roots + aṁśaḥ, portion; see nek- in Indo-European roots.]
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The rupee ticked higher by 5 paise to 69.67 against the US dollar Wednesday amid weakness in the greenback and easing crude oil prices.
In New Delhi, petrol is being sold 17 paise higher at Rs.
Petrol was being retailed at Rs 76.71 per litre after a decrease of 20 paise, and diesel at Rs 71.56 per litre after a decrease of 18 paise in Delhi on Sunday.
Summary: The Indian rupee Friday clocked its biggest single-day gain in over five years, surging by 100 paise
Petrol in Delhi rose by 23 paise to Rs 80.73 per litre, while it rose by 22 paise, 25 paise and 23 paise in Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai to Rs 83.61, Rs 83.91 and Rs 88.12 a litre respectively, as per the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) website.
Vodafone India customers will now pay 25 paise per local SMS from Re 1 for local texting and for STD texts 38 paise from Rs 1.50 earlier.
Vodafone said in a statement that for a local text while on roaming, users will pay 25 paise, down from ` 1 earlier, and for STD texts, the charge has been reduced to 38 paise from ` 1.50 earlier in accordance with Trai guidelines.
Rupee recovers Indian rupee rose second consecutive week against the American currency, surging 97 paise to end at 62.32 per dollar on persistent selling of dollars by banks and exporters and on continued optimism of inflows.
Em termos de determinantes dos fluxos de investimento nos dois sentidos, certamente e possivel citar o potencial de crescimento dos paises do BRIC.