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(pə-jä′mə, -jăm′ə)
n. often pajamas
1. A garment, usually consisting of loose-fitting pants and a shirt or top, worn for sleeping or lounging.
2. A pair of loose-fitting pants worn in South and Southeast Asia by men and women.

[Hindi pāyjāmā, pājāmā and Urdu pāyjāma, pājāma, loose-fitting trousers, from Persian pāyjāma, pājāma : pāy, , foot, leg (from Middle Persian pāy, foot; see ped- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots) + jāma, garment (from Middle Persian ǰāmag; akin to Greek zōma, loincloth, girdle, and Lithuanian juosti, to gird).]
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pl n
(Clothing & Fashion) the US spelling of pyjamas
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(pəˈdʒɑ məz, -ˈdʒæm əz)

n. (used with a pl. v.)
1. nightclothes consisting of loose-fitting trousers and a jacket.
2. loose trousers of silk, cotton, etc., orig. worn in India and parts of the Middle East.
Also, esp. Brit., pyjamas.
[1870–75; pl. of pajama < Hindi, variant of pāyjāma < Persian pāy leg + jāma garment]
pa•ja′maed, adj.
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(American) pajamas (pəˈdʒaːməz) noun plural
a suit for sleeping, consisting of trousers and a jacket. two pairs of pyjamas.
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Behind the gingerbread man came a child with flaxen hair and merry blue eyes, dressed in white pajamas, with sandals on the soles of its pretty bare feet.
He rolled up the sleeve of his pajamas. No wonder the hammer-thrower had put his hand down.
A great mountain of deformed flesh clothed in dirty, white cotton pajamas! Its face was of the ashen hue of a fresh corpse, while the white hair and pink eyes denoted the absence of pigment; a characteristic of albinos.
"I do mean it, and I'm sure my sensible aunt will consent when she understands that these well I'll call them by an Indian name, and say pajamas are for underwear, and Rose can have as pretty frocks as she likes outside.
Forgetful of the fact that he wore only a thin pajama suit he led the way to the open window.
But thanks to the Program, thousands of children throughout New York and the United States are now sleeping in fresh, clean pajamas."
The Pajama Company offers a wide selection of pajamas in every fabric and style, as well as robes, nightshirts, slippers, and spa accessories.
The Pajama Program, a national charity that provides pajamas and books to needy and abused children, announced that Jacky Teplitzky, an executive vice president with Prudential Douglas Elliman, has joined its advisory board.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 20, 2019-: Luxury Pajamas Market Forecast to 2025 covering Strategies, Application, Growth Estimation and Key Players H&M, Maniform, Barefoot Dream
While this may be a holiday tradition for many, having pajamas of any kind is truly a luxury for needy families.
Westin Hotels & Resorts has launched 'Project Rise: ThreadForward, a sustainability programme that collects, processes and reweaves hotel bed linens transforming them into thousands of pairs of children's pajamas.