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A deep-fried fritter made of vegetables or meat dipped in a chickpea batter, served as an appetizer or a snack in South Asian cuisine.

[Hindi and Urdu pakoṛā, from Sanskrit *pakvavaṭaḥ : pakva-, past participle of pacati, he cooks; see pekw- in Indo-European roots + vaṭaḥ, lump, ball of pulse fried in oil.]
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(Cookery) an Indian dish consisting of pieces of vegetable, chicken, etc, dipped in a spiced batter and deep-fried: served with a piquant sauce
[C20: from Hindi]
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The $50 (PS28) fast-food fix contains deep-fried favourites including pizza, pakora, sausage, chips, cheese, black pudding, haggis and chicken wings.
But Aussies love them." The box of fast food costs $50 Australian - about PS25 - and contains deep fried pizza, chicken tikka, hot wings, pakora, sausage, chips, cheddar slaw and brown sauce.
According to KPHFA, the special teams of the authority have inspected 22 hotels, 6 Non-centers, restaurant, 2 fast food, 4 pakora shops, grocery stores, and 2 flour mills.
In Peshawar, different types of Pakoras are being prepared like palak pakora, onion pakoras, Gobhi pakora, which are attracting people from all ages including senior citizens, children, women and youth as special iftar item.
'It was a low quality gas cylinder being used by a roadside smosa and pakora vendor in bustling Jhanda Chi Chi area,' police investigating officer told Dawn.
The former chief minister also hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his 'pakora' remark, saying, "People supported the BJP in 2014 because they thought that they will get job opportunities.
Lunch began with popular finger food samosa and pakora.
The police sources said that acting on a tip-off, a police party headed by Station House officer, PS Civil Lines, Farhan Hussain intercepted a suspected vehicle at Pakora Chowk in the city and arrested ice drug peddler besides recovering narcotics from his possession.
This consists of mixed pakora, two poppadoms and spiced onions, any two curries, fried rice and naan bread.
There were also the Veggie Pudina Paneer, Tandoori Fruit Chaat, Chicken Pakora, Fish Fry, Malai Murgh Tikka, Achari Murgh Tikka, Lakhnavi Seekh Kebab and Bhuna Murgh.
The chef 's tempting platter served on a hot plate offers a little of everything you fancy including vegetable pakora, chicken pakora, onion rings, mushroom pakora, aloo tikki, chicken tikka and chicken chaat and can be shared between two or four people.
Women at home prepare traditional special cuisine such as chicken tikka, kebab, biryani, keema karela, pakora, and fruit salad, to name a few.