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A deep-fried fritter made of vegetables or meat dipped in a chickpea batter, served as an appetizer or a snack in South Asian cuisine.

[Hindi and Urdu pakoṛā, from Sanskrit *pakvavaṭaḥ : pakva-, past participle of pacati, he cooks; see pekw- in Indo-European roots + vaṭaḥ, lump, ball of pulse fried in oil.]


(Cookery) an Indian dish consisting of pieces of vegetable, chicken, etc, dipped in a spiced batter and deep-fried: served with a piquant sauce
[C20: from Hindi]
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According to a report aired by a private news channel said , a huge rush of buyers was witnessed at various stalls of samosas and pakoras shops in different areas of the cities.
With the rains, people flocked to stalls and eateries selling fried foods such as samosas and pakoras, Gajrela and fried fish, across the twin cities.
Though experts don't consider selling pakoras on roadside is a great job nor do millions of young people dream of becoming millionaires by selling the fried snack.
He does not understand that people are selling tea and pakoras only because there are no jobs.
45) which included onion bhaji, vegetable and paneer pakoras.
When used in making pakoras, both the control and those samples containing a pulse blend produced pakoras with good flavor and texture.
Pakoras, samosas, fruit chat and dahi bhallas are among the hot favourites for Pakistanis.
Tenders are invited for Canteen Services At Ho Bhikhaiji Cama Place New Delhi:Namkeen--BreadPakora/Samosa(60gms)/Bonda/Other Pakoras -Single Pc Bread Pakora
Cafe Asia 20 Chicken Pakoras (400g) are down from PS2.
Moreover, traditional Iftari items, including samosas, pakoras, kachoris, dahi phulki, were also in great demand at shops famous for such items as well as in neighbourhood markets.
Takeaway: Hot Chillis Cuisine: Indian kebabs plus burgers, Asian snacks and curries Address: 36, Berry Street, Liverpool City Centre Order: Large mix kebab in naan (combo of lamb doner and chicken doner), regular chicken tikka in pitta bread, chicken pakoras Price: PS13 Order method: Walked in, ordered and chatted to the entertaining manager Pick up or delivery?