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Noun1.Palace car - a passenger car for day travelpalace car - a passenger car for day travel; you pay extra fare for individual chairs
carriage, passenger car, coach - a railcar where passengers ride
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Alec was escort and Kitty Comet was borne in state in a basket, with a bottle of milk, some tiny sandwiches, and a doll's dish to drink out of, as well as a bit of carpet to lie on in her palace car, out of which she kept popping her head in the most fascinating manner.
Pullman: This neighborhood began as a first-of-its-kind planned community for the workers of the Pullman Palace Car Co.
In response to the economic depression that began in 1893, the Pullman Palace Car Company, which manufactured railroad cars, cut the wages of its workers 25 per cent.
The path then leads to Edinburgh where the LaFerrari Aperta will headline the 70th anniversary round UK tour at Holyrood Palace car park on August 8.
Early on that afternoon in April, the "Sarah Bernhardt Special," an up-to-the minute train consisting of three Pullman cars for the actors and actresses along with her own private car known as the "Madame Sarah Palace Car" arrived at the Jackson depot.
The Sunbeam palace car, built in 1903 during Robert Lincoln's tenure as president of the Pullman Company, highlights an important chapter in American history, according to Maynard.
The day has its roots in Chicago, with a strike at the Pullman Palace Car Company.