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paleichthyology, palaeichthyology, paleoichthyology, palaeoichthyology

the study of fossil fish. — paleichthyologist, palaeichthyologist, paleoichthyologist, palaeoichthyologist, n.paleichthyological, palaeichthyological, paleoichthyological, palaeoichthyological, adj.
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The papers mostly concentrate on descriptions of new taxa (Mark-Kurik et al., Szrek & Wilk, Ivanov & Plax, Elliott et al.) and some other aspects of palaeoichthyology including morphology, assemblages and habitats of vertebrates (Glinskiy & Pinakhina, Lebedev et al., Pinakhina & Marss), but also other fossils (Rozhnov), sedimentology and stratigraphy (Luksevics et al.) are represented.
We predict that the results of our study can be used not only in fish taxonomic, systematic, and phylogenetic studies, but also in fish biology, archaeology, and palaeoichthyology.
A new tetrapod Jakubsonia livnensis from the Early Famennian (Devonian) of Russia and palaeoecological remarks on the Late Devonian tetrapod habitats In The Second Gross Symposium "Advances of Palaeoichthyology" (Zelcs, V.
For example, in palaeoichthyology no differences have yet been recognized in scale shape, sculpture or ultrasculpture between male and female specimens, partly because assigning the fossils to male and female sexes usually has no objective basis, whereas such a basis exists for fresh and preserved specimens of recent fishes.