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Variant of palestra.


(pəˈlɛstrə; -ˈliː-) or


n, pl -tras or -trae (-triː)
(Historical Terms) (in ancient Greece or Rome) a public place devoted to the training of athletes
[C16: via Latin from Greek palaistra, from palaiein to wrestle]


(pəˈlɛs trə)

n., pl. -tras, -trae (-trē).
(in ancient Greece) a building with a courtyard for training in wrestling and other sports, usu. part of a gymnasium.
[1375–1425; late Middle English palestre < Latin palaestra < Greek palaístra = palais-, variant s. of palaíein to wrestle + -tra suffix of place]

palaestra, palestra

Ancient Greece. a public place for athletics or wrestling. — palaestric, palestric, adj.
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Noun1.palaestra - a public place in ancient Greece or Rome devoted to the training of wrestlers and other athletespalaestra - a public place in ancient Greece or Rome devoted to the training of wrestlers and other athletes
athletic field, playing area, playing field, field - a piece of land prepared for playing a game; "the home crowd cheered when Princeton took the field"
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Yes, and the most ridiculous thing of all will be the sight of women naked in the palaestra, exercising with the men, especially when they are no longer young; they certainly will not be a vision of beauty, any more than the enthusiastic old men who in spite of wrinkles and ugliness continue to frequent the gymnasia.
De palaestra Neapolitana: Commentarius in inscriptionem athleticam Neapoli anno MDCCLXIV.
The term is applied to enslaved women (Phoenicium in Pseudolus), less wealthy free sex laborers (Selenium and Gymnasium in Cistellaria), trafficked women intended for the sex trade (Adelphasium and Anterastilis in Poenulus, Palaestra and Ampelisca in Rudens), as well as free sex laborers running their own households with some degree of wealth (Thais in Eunuchus and Bacchis in Hecyra).
The specific interventions that will be executed in these sites will provide the proper restoration of some of the most significant and representative landmarks of Lebanon such as the Bacchus and Jupiter Temples in Blbeck, the Monumental Arch and the Necropolis in Al Bass (Tyre), the Thermae, the Arena and Palaestra in Tyre-Al Mina, ensuring the respect of the authenticity of these cultural masterpieces.
He might have helped to weave the garland of Meleager, or to mix the lapis lazuli of Fra Angelico, or to chase the delicate truth in the shade of an Athenian palaestra, or his hands might have fashioned those ethereal faces that smile in the niches of Chartres.
The two main characteristics of this model of building are the reduction of the importance of the palaestra and the equal smaller frigidarium.
At Asturica, the Termas Mayores were abandoned in the fifth century, while at Bracara the public baths witnessed abandonment of the palaestra and a reduction in the heated areas.
Short description of the contract or purchase / s : Upon execution of the contract should be made Rekonservatsiya on - Southeast corner of the Palaestra with a semicircular niche - parts of facades F5; f8.
Caption: OLDEST OF SPORTS--A pair of Greekwrestlers perform (for the cameras) in the Palaestra in the ancient town of Olympia in Greece Sunday.
Sed, ut spero, utemur ea palaestra quam a te didicimus onmibusque satis faciemus [.
As stated in Almagest III, 1, Ptolemy had "one" equinoctial circle in the square stoa and some in the Palaestra.
Alexias and Lysis compete in the palaestra (wrestling school), travel to the Olympic games, and fight in the wars against Sparta.