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1. An open-sided dwelling with a thatched roof made of dried palm leaves.
2. A structure, such as a bar or restaurant in a tropical resort, that is open-sided and thatched with palm leaves.

[Mexican Spanish, from regional Mexican Spanish (Michoacán) palapa, cohune palm, fronds of cohune palm used as a building material, from a Malayo-Polynesian source (transmitted via trans-Pacific trade in the mercantile era) such as Tagalog palapa, midrib of a banana leaf or large palm frond, from Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *palaqpaq, midrib of a coconut frond.]
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(pəˈlɑːpə; Spanish paˈlapa)
(Architecture) US an open-sided structure with a palm-thatched roof
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Maranaw delicious dishes and palapa are in Manila and other places where families have fled to for safety and a chance to rebuild their careers,' she explains.
The construction of a broadband network in the eastern part of the country under the Palapa Ring Project II, has been completed.
Gotham Organization announced that La Palapa, a Mexican restaurant with locations in the East Village and Midtown Manhattan's Urbanspace Vanderbilt food hall, will be opening its third location at Hell's Kitchen's Gotham West Market food hall this Summer.
Rayhanah Natangcop-Guinomal, 40, a mother of three from Lanao del Sur, raved about "Palapa".
Every night, the town plaza was crowded with people enjoying different kinds of food - from grilled or broasted chicken to street food and local delicacies that are served with the staple palapa, a traditional condiment made of stewed scallion bulbs (called sakurab in Maranao).
One of projects that was acknowledged for its contribution to community improvement is the "Palapa sa Lumba," a livelihood enterprise of 30 out-of-school youths and mothers of Barangay Bacolod II in Lumba-Bayabao, Lanao del Sur.
Other sponsors for this year's Deep Sea Fishing Classic includes Concept Solutions, Adventure Travel Solutions, A&R Enterprises, Ambergris Divers, Palapa Bar, Atlantic Bank, The Beverage Division at Karl H Menzies, Rain Restaurant, Caribena Enterprises, SMART, Tuff E Nuff Tours, Beach Basket, Captain Sharks and Maya Island Air.
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