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1. Of or suitable for a palace: palatial furnishings.
2. Of the nature of a palace, as in spaciousness or ornateness: a palatial yacht.

[From Latin Palātium, imperial residence; see palace.]

pa·la′tial·ly adv.
pa·la′tial·ness n.


advluxuriös, prunkvoll, feudal (hum inf)
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Show-casing at the Dubai Boat Show, this yacht is palatially built with ultra spacious accommodation for up to 12 guests.
Everyone knows about the palatially decorated stations, with their marble, mosaics and life-sized statues.
Some believe there to have been a development from palatially sponsored trade in the First Palace Period towards more independent entrepreneurial or freelance trade in the Second Palace Period (Sherratt & Sherratt 1991; Wiener 1991), whereas others maintain that the opposite scenario is more probable (e.