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1. Of or suitable for a palace: palatial furnishings.
2. Of the nature of a palace, as in spaciousness or ornateness: a palatial yacht.

[From Latin Palātium, imperial residence; see palace.]

pa·la′tial·ly adv.
pa·la′tial·ness n.


advluxuriös, prunkvoll, feudal (hum inf)
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Maloof never met a Rococo-style anything she didn't like or buy, as evidenced by the florid and liberally gilded furnishings that fill the double-height foyer and the flanking formal living and dining rooms that feature palatially swagged and tasseled drapery.
Show-casing at the Dubai Boat Show, this yacht is palatially built with ultra spacious accommodation for up to 12 guests.
Similarly, at Pylos, palatially organized communal sacrifice and feasting are monitored on tablets that specifically locate such ceremonies at the regional sites of ro-u-so (PY Un 47), pa-ki-ja-ne (PY Un 2), and sa-ra-pe-da (PY Un 718).